Korean Culture Day (KCD)


Korean Culture Day (KCD) is an annual event organized by Students Association Koreanologi of Korean Culture and Language Study of University of Indonesia or more known as BKK UI, since 2008. This event held is to introduce Korean culture, both in terms of traditional and modern. Korean Culture Day managed to attract approximately 3000 visitors and has increased every year. To add the enthusiastic visitors and enliven the event, they presented various guest stars. In this year Korean Culture Day has invited a dance cover group ‘BVS’, acoustic group ‘KEI’, acoustic band ‘Karnia’ and the main guest which is indie-singer from South Korea called Sugarbowl. Sugarbowl is an indie-singer that popular enough among musicians indie South Korea. In addition, the traditional art team from BKK UI’s students also enliven this Korean festival, known as KCD 2016.

The theme for Korean Culture Day 2016 is “One Day in Seoul” with a tagline “Finding Your Seoul”. Korean Culture Day brought and introduced Seoul to the visitors so that visitors can see and experience a day in Seoul. According to the theme, talk show titled “Traveling and Living in Korea” with a speaker who familiar with traveling world and life in Korea make the event more fun.

Outside KCD’s stage, there is bazaar of food and accessories KPOP, education exhibition, photography exhibition, traditional Korean games exhibition and Hanbok photobooth (Korean traditional clothes). All aspect from the art, culture, education, and entertainment was presented in the biggest event held by BKK UI’s students.