Sejong Korean Conversation 2


Sejong Korean Conversation 2
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AUTHOR : King Sejong Institute Foundation
ISBN : 9791185872353
PUBLISHER : King Sejong Institute Foundation
PUBLICATION DATE : June 22 ,2018,
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PAGES : 180
SIZE : 8.3 * 11.1 inches
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 세종 한국어 회화 2-2

Sejong Korean Conversation is designed with the purpose of helping Korean language learners at The King Sejong Institute(KSI) to develop practical Korean language skills, especially focusing on conversation, listening, and communication skills.

Aims and Approaches
• The purpose of this textbook is to provide Korean language learners a reciprocal understanding of Korean language and Korean society, based on the foundation and objectives of the establishment of the King Sejong Institute.

• This textbook is based on the ‘International Standard Curriculum for Korean Language’ and the ‘KSI Standard Model of Education.’ This textbook is developed based on the objectives from the previous Sejong Institute’s standard textbook, 『Sejong Korean』 1, 2, 3, and 4. 『Sejong Korean Conversation 1』 has been developed on the basis of the objectives provided in 『Sejong Korean』 1, 2 while 『Sejong Korean Conversation 2』 is based on the objectives provided in 『Sejong Korean』 3 and 4.

• This textbook is based on the basic 45-hour instruction model from the ‘KSI Standard Model of Education.’ However, by adding extra activities from the Teachers’ Book, it can be used in a language model longer than 45 hours.

• This textbook consists of language instruction based on the framework of the 45-hour model in the ‘KSI Standard Model of Education’ which focuses on the components of speaking and listening in the ‘Conversation Model.’

• The framework consists of a 45-hour model with three part-modules. In accordance with the model, there is flexibility to either omit a module or adopt a configuration depending on the number of hours per classes within each Sejong Institute.

• This textbook includes a wide range of authentic communicative activities and tasks that require language knowledge to improve fluency and accuracy.

• The contents and activities in this textbook have been developed to improve cognitive skills and learning strategies of adult learners.